The Plug is a social enterprise programme that aims to supply technology needs to the underserved. Its mission is to bridge the growing digital divide by collecting and fixing old and broken devices through a network of donation channels, in collaboration with partners and sponsors, ensuring that they arrive in the hands of our recipients in perfect working condition.

By giving these devices new life and redistributing them to those who cannot afford them, the programme also hopes to help reduce electronic waste.

Devices that we are not able to fix will be sent out to be recycled/upcycled as much as possible. We do this in partnership with other programmes and organisations that align with our mission and vision.


You can apply for yourself, a friend, classmate or a family member. Applicants less than 13 years old will need to have their applications sent in by a parent or guardian.

Devices Collected

Got "old/broken" devices? You can drop by our virtual Donors' Lounge and we'll be happy to take them off your hands. Please check out our FAQs for a list of accepted devices.

Devices Shipped

With your help, we hope to grow this number exponentially. Every bit helps— spread the word! Check out our FAQs for a list of accepted devices.

// How we do it

Our Process

Have devices you want to donate? Proceed to our Donors' Lounge on WhatsApp and send us photos.
We repair what we can. What we cannot fix will be sent out to be recycled.
Fixed devices are shipped out to recipients as soon screening process is complete.
// Getting a Device

Easy As...

Complete the application form at the bottom of this page.
Receive confirmation and patiently wait for your device.
Confirmed beneficiaries receive their devices within 14 days.
// Frequently asked questions


We are a group of passionate individuals working in the Human Rights, Technology & Communication fields. For more detailed information, please contact our Programme Manager

Our mission is to help bridge the digital divide while reducing electronic waste by giving “old” or “broken” devices new life and redistributing them to those who cannot afford them.

We distribute donated devices to the following groups:
  • Children (5 to 15 years old)
  • Students (16 to 25 years old)
Beneficiaries below 13 years old are required to obtain parental and/or guardian approval before receiving the devices. Student beneficiaries are required to provide student ID and/or photo evidence of school enrolment. All applications are done on this website.

We are currently operating in the Klang valley, a region in Malaysia which houses the glamorous- but sometimes dysfunctional- city of Kuala Lumpur.

The programme is financed by Mister Nerdie® and donations from supporters and partners.

We accept donations of the following devices (preferably less than 5 years old):
  • Smart phones (any brand)
  • Smart tablets (any brand)
  • Laptops (any brand)
  • All-in-One desktops (any brand)
  • Monitors  (any brand)
  • Computer parts
  • Networking peripherals:
    • Routers
    • Modems
    • Ethernet cables (RJ-45)
    • Switches
    • Repeaters
    • Hotspot devices
// Supporters

Sponsors & Partners

// Apply

Application Form

    Subject to availability of the devices, beneficiaries will receive their devices within fourteen (14) days after confirmation.

    Upon receipt of the devices, the donors will receive a Donor Certificate and the beneficiaries will receive a Beneficiary Certificate with warranty details.

    If you are applying for someone else, it should be that person's information that goes into the form.

    Your data is protected under the provisions of the PDPA.


    What will you be using the device for?

    What type of device best suites your current needs?

    What type of internet connectivity do you have?