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The Apple Vision Pro features two Micro OLED 4K displays, one per eye, with a display resolution of 3800 x 3000 per eye.03 The two displays combined have 23 million pixels, which Apple claims is 64 times the pixel density of an iPhone.3 The input is based on optical hand tracking, eye-tracking, and voice input, and doesn’t feature controllers like gaming headsets.1 The Vision Pro operates at a higher level of fidelity than products currently on the market, like Meta’s Quest 2, which uses a mobile processor and has lower resolution screens.2 For 2D content, the Vision Pro tops out at 4K resolution and 90Hz refresh rate, with a special 96Hz refresh rate that will automatically apply to content created at 24fps. Display Supply Chain Consultants report suggests that each Micro OLED display in the Vision Pro has a pixel density of roughly 3400 PPI and a display resolution of approximately 3800 x 3000.

  • The Apple Vision Pro is powered by a separate battery pack that fits conveniently in the user’s pocket. This battery delivers up to two hours of use. The headset is still fully functional for longer uses when plugged in via a power adapter.
  • Unlike the Apple Watch or the AirPods, the Vision Pro is a standalone product, not an accessory. While the device seamlessly integrates with other Apple products, it doesn’t rely on them to function.
  • The Apple Vision Pro tracks a user’s eyes and displays them outside the device using two cameras and an array of LEDs. This feature’s called EyeSight. It creates an illusion of transparency on the front of the headset, helping interactions with others feel more natural.
  • Users control the Vision Pro using their hands. External controllers are not necessary. The headset has 12 cameras, six microphones, and five sensors. Four of these cameras are dedicated to tracking users’ hands and gestures.
  • Unlike rival headsets that emphasize gaming and entertainment, the Apple Vision Pro focuses on productivity and work. The headset supports numerous apps from the Microsoft Office suite, Zoom, and Adobe Creative Suite.

Technical Specifications

Product TypeMixed reality headset
DeveloperApple Inc.
Announcement DateJune 2023
Release DateEarly 2024 (TBA)
Operating SystemvisionOS
ChipsetApple M2 + Apple R1
Display TypeMicro-OLED
Display Quality4K with HDR
Number of PixelsApprox. 23 million


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