Mister Nerdie® unveils fresh look

KUALA LUMPUR — Tech company Mister Nerdie® Technologies on Monday launched its new, sleeker look as it hopes to inspire a more sustainable tech lifestyle in Malaysia by offering convenient, affordable and quality repairs of digital devices.

The new logo and mascot represents Mister Nerdie’s brand ethos of simplicity, practicality and accessibility, promising to be easily recognizable and relatable among tech users.

Mister Nerdie, rendered in graphic illustration as a walking phone repairman, carries the plus sign that symbolises “first aid” for tech needs. It was also patterned after the Phillips-head screwdriver, a vital tool for repairs. In all, it evokes the brand’s spirit of ease and fun, as the company believes tech should not intimidate and instead be a friend and ally to users.

“In a way, Mister Nerdie is a clinic for when your devices get “sick,” says Mister Nerdie CEO Maryam Lee. “He [the mascot] would make a diagnosis, propose the treatment, and nurse the “patient”— the device— back to health.”

“He represents the healer side of technicians, except these healers talk to computers,” she adds.

As a company that advocates for sustainable tech consumption, Mister Nerdie offers repairs of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops of all brands using quality replacement parts, with door-to-door pickup and delivery, giving clients convenient service as pandemic restrictions remain in place.

Mister Nerdie believes device repair is sustainable and responsible as it maximizes the lifespan of still functioning gadgets with reliable fixes and upgrades, keeping them away from the growing pile of e-waste.

The company also aims to provide much-needed employment to technicians amidst a tight job market.

You may reach Mister Nerdie through WhatsappFacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.

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